In that powerful little point where my soul purpose (to help you) and your soul purpose (to build a booming business) intersect...

THAT’S where I come alive.

Hey there, I’m Sam.


I’m so glad you’re here.

I see you. Determined to take your life to the next level, to stand in your truth and finally take your rightful place transforming and healing the lives of others. You have a calling and a fire that burns so bright inside you. I can feel that too.


First, let me introduce myself properly.

I'm Sam Bishop.

I’m an intuitive collaborator and marketing magic maker on a mission to work with epic women (just like you) who are ready to rise and build their own mega-booming, deeply soul-aligning biz.

I believe all of the guidance we’ll ever need is already within us, we just need to stop, tune in and listen up.

But that’s not always so easy, is it? As women, we have a tendency to look for answers outside of ourselves, always seeking external validation, sometimes even asking permission simply to exist.


I know because this was also me just a few short years ago.

But as my intuition grew stronger and I began to listen to that inner guidance I’ve learnt to tap into that inner wisdom on a whim. So whenever life throws me curveballs, I’m able to come out the other side so much stronger, happier and more fulfilled than ever.

and here’s the good news

tapping into that inner wellspring of wisdom really is possible for everyone.

In fact, it’s the basis for any successful, sustainable and highly profitable heart-based business.

Because when it comes to business, especially an online one, intuition and strategy are THE cornerstones of large-scale transformation. Trusting your intuition to make your biggest decisions and that next #PowerMove - and backing it up with winning strategies - is the fastest way to success.


Too often I see coaches, healers, lightworkers, creatives and other beautiful women who are here to do big work wasting precious energy trying to figure it all out on their own.

They’re spending too much time:

  • Guessing at how to market their business
  • Wondering what systems to use
  • Tinkering til all hours with their tech
  • Wishing someone would tell them what the hell to do next

So it’s lucky for you, intuitive strategy is my greatest superpower.

I know what someone is meant to do within moments of talking to them and can very quickly see the bigger picture, the calling of their soul purpose.

I’ve guided countless women over the years to realise their true potential and step on into their truth - then handed them the keys and roadmaps to set up and build the online biz of their dreams.

I have the track record, training, experience and mentorships that allow me to talk a big game - and then, almost like magic, deliver epic results for my clients.

Sam, thank you so so much! You have no idea how life-changing and empowering our call was today. You unveiled truths that I have been hiding for over a decade and I finally feel confident in being able to reveal it! I know I have a big mission and I finally know how to go about living it. Thank you again, you have literally just changed my whole life!

- Jessica Sage

So what’s my story?

How did I get here and why do I care so damn much about helping you?

Let’s start with the intuition part.

It sounds strange but it really didn’t kick in until after the birth of my son. The old saying 'ignorance is bliss' rings so true for me because before I started getting intuitive hits, I was smug AF about my life (you know, great husband, two kids, stay at home mum - every woman's dream, right? (insert eye roll emoji)...

At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was feeling, all I knew was that my life felt far from on track. I’d always dismissed or second-guessed my gut feelings, but as my intuition grew, it wasn’t having any of it. Finally, when I could no longer ignore the inner voice getting louder, I leaned in and it led me down a path that was set to blow the lid right off my cruisey little life.

I made the hard-at-the-time decision to end my marriage. It was a tumultuous time, to say the least, but it was also the catalyst I needed to help me see just how disconnected I had become from my truth and the things I truly wanted for my life.


I’d been living small.

Moulding myself into what I thought I ‘should’ be...

The devoted wife, the perfect mummy, the Insta-worthy lifestyle. Along the way, I’d given up all the other parts of me that felt important.

I went from life and soul of the party (Gemini sun) to a shell of my former self, suffering terribly from social anxiety - and if you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know that particular struggle is real! Funny thing was, on the outside I still looked as if I was killing it. In the midst of all that turmoil, I still managed to launch and run a super successful online retail biz that could make me up to $20k a month in sales at the click of a button, but I was far from happy.

I was insecure as hell and deeply disconnected from my true self. I had mean-girl self talk on repeat in my head telling me that I was the problem. I was constantly in need of outside validation. I’d lost all my spark and any sense of purpose. It was during this time, as I was plummeting head-first down the rabbit hole, one thing kept me afloat - my little hits of intuition…

It was also around this time that I first discovered

the magic of astrology.

One day, while I was busy wallowing deep in self-pity, I got another hit. This time about my star sign. Next thing I knew I was sat on my laptop googling sun signs and birth charts and I very quickly discovered that an astrological chart was a whole lot more than a bunch of lines and fancy symbols.

Your birth chart is the blueprint for your life!

In typical ‘Sam’ fashion, I immediately booked in with not one, but three astrologers from around the world. (In seeking out the mystic I still have a healthy amount of scepticism and very logical tendencies and always need to test out any new-to-me modalities before I can fully embrace them, you know, just to make sure everything stacks up).

I've been a seeker my whole life, always hunting for the magic in unseen places. Astrology opened my eyes even wider. I learnt that we all have a purpose and a pre-ordained plan and the magic and ancient tools of tarot, palm reading, star constellations and our own well-pools of intuition are always there to guide us along the way.


One thing I know for sure:

NOTHING is ever a coincidence, it really is all happening for a reason!

All the passion, self-belief and crystal grids in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to market your magic and make shiz happen.

Once I added astrology to my toolbelt, things changed rapidly for me. I suddenly felt in control, like life was happening FOR me, not TO me. I discovered my marriage breakdown had been written in the stars all along and something much bigger was at play.

I was destined to end up in Australia away from my beloved family and friends - this was no random accident. In a very short time, I went from inauthentic wife and mum - to really owning my voice and stepping into my power. It took me getting divorced and becoming a single mum with no cash on welfare but I listened to those little hits of intuition, took the leap of faith and got busy building this biz - all with less than $15 in my bank and a whole shit load of manifesting mojo to eventually become booked out and booming!

But here’s the big secret: it doesn't have to be that hard for you.

Because what I discovered is that when you finally step into your power and stride unapologetically into the life you actually want - instead of sacrificing or stifling your voice - shit just aligns and magic starts to happen.

Along the way, my spiritual quest has been…


I’ve literally taken one each for the team, road testing it all.

I have...

  • Astral travelled to past lives using shamans and crystals (I’ll save that mind-bending story for another time)
  • Trance-danced to become more enlightened (yep, totally sober)
  • Written love letters to my inner child (she only got halfway through before she got too bored and rode to the park on her bike)
  • Walked on hot coals (actually, the ‘hot’ coals were covered first in ash but ash-walker doesn't sound as impressive)
  • Jumped off telegraph posts in the name of fear (I can confirm, it’s terrifying)
  • Gone on cliche soul-driven solo ventures to Bali to ‘find’ myself (along with cheap massages)
  • Had gypsy healers ‘remove’ bad energy (sure, why not)

...and now, I’ve finally come home... to me.

I now know without a doubt, that my soul purpose is to help you bring your soul purpose to the world in a way that feels deeply aligned and long-term sustainable.

Ultimately, I want to transform the lives of as many women as possible! I want to create a tribe of fierce women (and by fierce, I mean those women who aren’t afraid to stand up and claim their powerful voice. Women who know their place in the world and who wholeheartedly live their purpose every day).


And the flow-on effect of that?

It’s pure magic!

Speaking of magic...

that leads me to the strategy part.

By the age of 21, I was a self-employed mortgage advisor. By 23 I had my own real estate business. I spent +15 years earning my sales and marketing stripes for big brands and soul-crushing corporates. But the entrepreneurial spirit in me is strong and I eventually left the cubicle to again set up my own biz, this time successfully turning my hand to online retail.

I’ve been in the trenches of business, big and small. I’ve launched both online and bricks and mortar businesses. And I’ve been right where you are now -- DIYing it, trying to figure shiz out. Back then I had no glam headshots, fancy websites or team of helpers. I just dug my heels in, rolled my sleeves up and got the job done. 

This stuff is my happy place.

For me, building businesses has always felt easy but for so many women it can be a hard slog. There’s so much to think about when you're just getting started, so many ‘gurus’ and ‘7 step plans to success’, it’s confusing, overwhelming and can have you stalling and stuck before you’ve even begun.

I’m here to guide you

so it all feels abundant, aligned and truly achievable.

But don’t get me wrong… there’s work to do and it won’t happen overnight. But it's my mission to show you what’s possible for YOU—because your reality and picture of ‘success’ will look different to mine and the next persons.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having the chance to deep dive and collaborate with someone who not only KNOWS their stuff but who also BELIEVES in you and your dreams.

And when they can hand you a roadmap forward and cheer you on every step of the way, it gives you the confidence to take the next step and the next and the next, until you’re suddenly living slap bang in the middle of your wildest dreams.

Ready to get your gifts out

into the world?