people say the LUSHEST things...



Something holy happened to me. My soul guided me to the wonderful Sam Bishop for a Soul Purpose Reading. We had what she called a "Breakthrough Call" and it was a total breakthrough!

It was like a mirror with a false self that broke bursting into little pieces. And under this false self I saw, for maybe the first time in my entire life my true Self!

It felt like the birth, not of a "new" me but of the REAL me. Its hard to describe it with words, its like not even my mind can get it .... only my Soul knows. I can truly say that Sam changed my life!

- Nicole Bailer, Italy

I had a Soul Purpose Reading with Sam!

Boom boom boom, fireworks!!!

One word. Gifted.

- Emily Hall, UK

From the first conversation I had with Sam, I knew this was someone genuine, unique and willing to share her gifts to benefit others. Sam channels and is given a "download" so to speak, of divine inspiration about my path. It was amazingly spot on for what I had envisioned happening one day. With Sam's help I know I'll reach my goals. Sam is beyond intuitive, and she listens. She is willing to absorb and learn everything she can in order to help you grow in the way that serves the highest good. I am so happy to have connected with her and highly recommend her services!

- Michelle Howe, USA

Sam, thank you so so much! You have no idea how life changing and empowering our call was today. You unveiled truths that I have been hiding for over a decade and I feel confident in being able to reveal it! I feel like I have a big mission and I finally know how to go about living it. Thank you again, I think you literally just changed my whole life!

- Jessica Sage, USA

As I was reflecting on our conversation I was amazed at how many phrases that you spoke that are my core phrases that you would have no way of knowing about, they aren't anywhere but in my private thoughts and writings. The most profound one was when you said that you were receiving this idea that it stops with me. " This stops with me," has been my North Star for most of my life. I was so uplifted, amazed, energized and clarified by our conversation. Thank you so much! You are truly gifted.

- Brandy Price, USA

I began working with Sam when my business idea was a vague concept. Her infectious enthusiasm and ability to make an impossible idea become quickly achievable in clear, practical steps is the reason that I now have the organisation that I dreamed of. I'm often told that the marketing of my organisation is extremely strong and the cliental response speaks volumes. This is all thanks to Sam's guidance, her logical approach, and her ability to think outside the box. Sam brainstormed and researched far beyond my expectations, inspiring new doors to open, making the process inspirational and easeful. Sam proved to be extremely intuitive, creative and experienced, which is the exact qualities required when building a successful business.

- Talula Hughes, Australia

"It's not the words you speak but the Intention and energy behind them." The Universe knew exactly what I needed when Samara and I were brought together. Before meeting Sam, I had just begun to discover what really called my heart out but every time people would hear that all I wanted to do was heal people from a Spiritual perspective the same message I constantly got was ," But how can you "SELL" that?" And honestly it got to the point I was about to just got back to what I knew. Regular 9-5 job that didn't fill my heart.


Then by Divine Unity , I was led to Samara and INSTANTLY she knew why nothing up to this point had worked. Because I was not speaking my truth. She immediately understood and BELIEVED my heart's desire to be a Spiritual Healer was definitely something I could do. We synced on such an AUTHENTIC level (something that is very hard to come by) that she helped me to own my truth even more. She emphasizes your own Creative Intuition to Speak and has YOUR best interests at heart. Working with her for the first time I understood what it meant to Be in Your Passion. It isn't a scary process, you don't have to doubt yourself anymore, you just allow yourself to be in alignment with The Energy of The Universe Consciously Creating and best of all it doesn't feel like "work".

Thank you so much for helping me fully own my heart, my voice and breaking the "cage" the world has tried to confine me to for so long.

- Stephanie Guerrero-Vasquez

If your intuition or life circumstances have led you to Samara's name, then I highly recommend that you take the plunge and do a breakthrough call with her! I felt like I was connecting with an old friend/mentor. I truly enjoyed connecting with Sam about the ideas that I had about my life purpose. She helped me to hone a whole raft of ideas down into something tangible, and was as excited about my gifts and future path as I am! I felt reassured and blessed to speak with someone who had both incredible intuitive gifts and business AND marketing and expertise.


Sam you can't even begin to know how much you've impacted my life!!! So much clarity and validation that I'm on the right path!!! I feel such incredibly powerful excitement when I think of the gift you are giving to so many women!!!
There are no words that could ever express my sincere gratitude for the time you spent with me!!! I am forever changed and in a complete state of joyful bliss!!!!

- Barbara Bourne, USA

Dear Samara, I want to say THANK you SO MUCH for your guidings to me this week. Even though I didnt say so much during the session (I was working on listening, translating and writing at the same time ), your words healed me, as if you were takling to my soul. Some of the things you said I had seen in meditations, or channelled or had been told - but seperated, and all the bits and pieces were put together like beads on a string. Everything made sense. You were SPOT ON! So THANK you - You are SOO GOOD!!

- Mette Back, Sweden