Build a heart-based business that

lights you up every day


I help you activate your soul purpose,

uplevel your lifestyle and live in your truth.

And on a practical level... that means I help women like you build highly profitable spiritual businesses that feel deeply aligned and won’t leave you broke, bored or burnt out.

I meet you exactly where you’re at right now. I’ll hold space for you as we dive deep into your unique type of magic and help you create a soul-led biz, complete with an action plan to help you get your gifts out into the world - the smart way.

No matter what you’ve been told (or currently telling yourself)

you CAN build an abundant, booming biz

with minimal investment and without a list.


I’ll get you tapping into your intuition, owning your sacred story and packaging up your gifts so you’ll walk away knowing exactly where your biz sits in the world.

We’ll dive deep into what makes you so different and exactly who you’re here to serve.

Fair warning: I use slightly off the wall unorthodox methods like card slinging, riffing with your astrology chart, using my intuition as a guide and setting up simple daily rituals to bring the magic back into your life. I’ll select the perfect oils and crystals and even use a little moon magic to stir up your creator soul - we’ll have you stepping into your power and claiming your soul purpose in no time, beauty.

Hands up if you can relate...

You have a fire in your belly, a big bold mission and desire to do something that transforms the lives of others - only trouble is, you have no idea what to do or where to start.

You know you want to help but you’re not sure exactly what that will look like or who you’re here to serve. You’re a bit lost on the whole niche thing, or is it nitch?

You need help to shape and solidify your vision and gain an understanding of EXACTLY how you can use your gifts to build a business that makes the world a better place.

You don't know your own worth, not really, and you’re yet to find and own your own magic genius.

Friends and family don’t understand your vision (some even think you’re a bit nuts to do what you do). You need someone to show you the way, brainstorm ideas and keep you high vibing and inspired.

You lack real clarity, you feel stuck and hopelessly trapped in your current situation. You need a plan and someone to help you implement it. Stat.

Okay, now imagine this:

  • Waking up each morning to an inbox full of new client enquiries, exciting collab proposals and speaking offers
  • Consistently signing up new pinch-me-am-I-dreaming clients every single month
  • Courageously breaking old patterns of resistance to finally do those big scary ‘should dos’
  • Starting (and quickly scaling!) your soul biz, knowing exactly how to create reliable, recurring revenue
  • Confidently making big, bold decisions in your biz + life because you trust your intuition
  • Getting massively compensated for the transformational work you do
  • Nailing each discovery call and knowing exactly which clients you want to work with, instead of hoping, wishing and praying they pick you (and end up being duds)

Ok, beauty, hands down!

Here’s the thing…

You COULD try doing it all on your own. It MIGHT work, it might not.

But I can tell you now, working with me will take you further in the next few months than you’ve gotten in the last few years.

You’ve heard the call.
Let’s answer it!

Something holy happened to me. My soul guided me to the wonderful Sam Bishop for a Soul Purpose Reading. We had what she called a "Breakthrough Call" and it was a total breakthrough!

It was like a mirror with a false self that broke bursting into little pieces. And under this false self I saw, for maybe the first time in my entire life my true Self!

It felt like the birth, not of a "new" me but of the REAL me. Its hard to describe it with words, its like not even my mind can get it .... only my Soul knows. I can truly say that Sam changed my life!

- Nicole Bailer, Germany

It's incredible! I can't thank Sam enough! Its both beautiful and very scary being so seen and held.

This is Sams gift and I am so grateful and beyond happy she has answered the call for us humans that need it so very much!

- Siobahn Emmo, Uk

Currently there are two main ways to work with me

Select a package


The question I get asked the most is:


‘What exactly is my Soul Purpose and how the heck do I find it?’.

I believe we each come in with a special set of gifts that are completely unique to us. I also believe we have a personal responsibility to embody and step wholeheartedly into these gifts.

But sometimes, there can be a few things standing in the way, like…

  • Making enough money to pay the bills
  • Feeling too shy or embarrassed to live your truth
  • Dismissing or second-guessing your truth

And other dodgy stories we tell ourselves...


I’m here to reconnect you with your authentic spirit and help you remember, reclaim and uniquely express your natural gifts.

And if you were born with an inner calling, a deep yearning that you just can't shake, I can tell you now...it’s not going away anytime soon!

Your gifts are always going to be and will only get stronger with time. Your soul will keep nudging you to put them to good use and share them with the world. It’s my job to help you hear the whispers of your soul and give you some clarity on how you can use them!

For years I searched for someone to help me understand what I was here for. It was so frustrating, because I could see what other people were supposed to do, yet I couldn’t see what I was meant to do with my own life! I realise now, it had been within me the entire time!


  • Inside this power-packed 30 minute session, you’ll learn your true calling and how your soul wants you to show up in the world.
  • If you’re excited to discover what you are here to do and to get total clarity on how to weave your work into the world, then click the button below and let’s create some magic!
  • Sessions are completely individualised to you (no cookie cutters here) and will tell a story of what you are here to do, what your blocks are and how to show up in the world with your soul led business.
  • Your job on these calls is to show up. My job is to help you shine as bright as possible!!


Business Mentoring

This is a 6 week mentorship for modern mystics, healers, creatives, heart-fuelled visionaries and soul led entrepreneurs who already know their calling, but just want to turn up the heat, tune up their intuition and readjust anything that’s feeling a little off.

Or maybe you’ve got eleventy billion ideas bursting out of you, but you’re just not sure which ones need to be birthed first and which ones might not be worth birthing after all.

Basically, this is for anyone who wants to take that next bold step, show up and change the world. Big time.

You’ll get access to my unique skills as an intuitive guide, fused with my 15+ years of business building and marketing experience to get you laser-focused on exactly how you can bring your calling to the online world.

In this cosmic collaboration, we’ll focus on bringing forth your magic with a combination of 

  • Intuitive guidance
  • Soul messages
  • Learnings to let your intuition lead
  • Metaphysical marketing
  • Soul-based business strategy

We’ll bust through the blocks that are keeping you from showing up with your gifts and move past any fears of being ‘seen’. We’ll heal and love those parts that most need to be healed and loved. We’ll carve out your message, create your winning offer and get clear on how to move forward.

And at the end of it all, we’ll have created a brand that is as unique as you are.

Business Mentoring Package Includes:

  • Channeled Soul Purpose Reading
  • Bespoke intuitive mentoring sessions
  • 1 x Soul Purpose Astrology reading and customised astrology chart
  • Sam’s unique expertise and strategy in online marketing and sales, soul branding and storytelling in a unique way that will speak to your clients
  • Bespoke sacred soul alignments and activations to propel you into activating your soul purpose 
  • Course creation collaboration or Channeled Course created just for you!

This is a customised soul alignment that’ll raise the roof right off your money ceiling and tune up your vibration so you can call in your soul clients when you launch.

Mentorship opportunities with me are EXTREMELY limited, with only three spots available each month. If you’d like to be considered, click on the button below to join the waitlist.

You can expect to hear from me within 48 hours with more info on when the next intake will be. We’ll kick off with a complimentary 15 minute Zoom chat to see if my mentorship program is right for you (and if we’re right for each other) and I’ll answer all your questions.

Packages From $1500